Frustrated with unsolicited photos of herself being forwarded online, social media influencer Astria (Sapho Cheng) must take action to stop strangers from snapping shots of her.

COUNTERSHADE is a 10-minute short film shot in Hong Kong over 3 days this winter. It is currently in post-production and is set to be released in Summer 2024.

Starring |  Sapho Cheng, Justin Chung, Vinci Chan, Jonathan Tsang
Directors |  Tam Ka Chun, Andie Man
Executive Producer |  Maple Lai
Writer |  Tam Ka Chun
Cinematographer |  Andie Man
Original Film Score | Justin Chung
BTS Photography |  Tiffany Fu
Assistant Editor |  Tiffany Ip
HMU |  Remi Poon, Jonathan Tsang
Script Supervisor |  KYA